Monday, August 2, 2010

Colonel Mustard in the library with the wrench.

I'm having fun making guesses about who lived in our apartment before us.

We've moved into a furnished apartment, and it's clear things have been added or taken away by each person/family that lived here in the past roughly 10 years this apartment building has been standing. But, of course, the most clues have been left behind by the tenant before us.

They definitely had a kid. We keep finding crayons in the most random places, and we're told one wall had to be repainted before we moved in because of doodles on it. Several drawers in various cabinets and desks also have crayon scribblings. And I found some kindergarten-ish level flash cards under some furniture when I tried to move it.

I think they may have been from Spain or South America. I found a note written in Spanish, and we found a CD that played familiar praise/worship songs, but sung in Spanish. (Actually, Dusty and I debated whether it was Spanish or Italian for a while, but I think he's right and it's probably Spanish.)

They did not particularly care for cooking. There are only a few utensils, and most are in bad shape. True, they could have taken the utensils they like with them, but the ones left behind were not cared for. A real cook, someone who loves food and the process of preparing it, wouldn't leave behind half melted plastic spatulas and non-stick frying pans that are decomposing to a very unhealthy level. ;) Their choice of dishes to add to the set already here in the apartment are also a little odd (some of which we can't even figure out the purpose of). On the other hand, there are no cereal bowls—or chopsticks (in Japan!).

Every day I discover something new. It's like a game. :)

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