Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

We've both gained weight in the past couple of years, to a bordering-on-unhealthly level. So, to shrink our girths while also satisfying our curiosity, we've been talking walks every day. One day we'll take this fork, the next day that one, etc.

Yesterday we weren't long into our walk before we saw a couple of crows pecking at garbage. "Watch out," I said. "The crows here are mean, and really smart." Then I mumbled, "I hope they don't swoop and peck at us."

Photo from here.

As we approached, one crow flew away to some nearby trees. The second crow flew up to the telephone wires directly above the garbage and cawed repeatedly. I was nervous, so stepped off the tiny sidewalk we were on and walked around the area the crow was perched over. Dusty told me later that since it got out of the way, he figured it wasn't going to bother us... so he kept walking on the sidewalk.

Big mistake.

Just as he passed under the crow—PLOP!—he got pooped on. A huge white splatter hit him on the front of his shoulder and went down his shirt and pants.

Needless to say, we cut the walk short. I felt bad for him, but both of us couldn't help but laugh between our, "Man, that's so sick!" comments.

Heh, now that I think about it, I can guess what that crow was cawing to the other one: "Hey, dude, watch this! Bet he'll walk right under me. Just watch!"

I think it's safe to say Dusty will "nevermore" walk under birds. ;)


  1. Ha!! This is hilarious!! I like your blog!

  2. LOL! A bird pooped on my head once. Ewwww!

  3. Ik, Yes it happens that way sometimes, doesn't it?

  4. April - I found this through your profile. I saw this posting on a blog I read frequently and thought of you.

  5. I'm not sure if you'll see this or not, but after reading your compliment on last weeks post on Levin's blog I thought I would pop over and say "hi." Now I don't feel quite so guilty about not getting my blog started yet. :) Hope everything is going well for you!

    (Love your blog background, btw.)

  6. Oh, Erin, I am simply a terrible blogger. Not only have I not made any posts in over half a year, I didn't even see your comment until now!

    Sorry about that.